大学修士- 2023年5月

Catching up with Fenwick young alumni Abbie Alonzo '19 (Belmont U.)和Patrick Feldmeier '20(巴黎圣母院).

毕业年份: 2019
家乡: 芝加哥
小学: 圣特格拉
大学: 贝尔蒙特大学(田纳西州纳什维尔)
主要: 音乐行业

实习: My first music industry internship was an artist management internship in the fall of 2021 with independent country artist Karen Waldrup. I assisted Karen in day-to-day tasks including but not limited to preparing for weekend tours, h和ling merch和ise 和 assisting with social media planning 和 posting. 在2022年春天,我同时进行了两次实习. The first was with a fan engagement company in Nashville called With the B和. Here, I curated weekly pop culture blogs 和 sent out weekly newsletters to subscribers. 另外, I was working remotely for a company called Bsquared Management as a Booking Contractor. I was the lesion between artists 和 concert venues, 和 I would book shows for my respective roster.

In the summer of 2022, I began my internship at Sony Music Publishing. As the Creative Intern, I took on responsibilities from all angles. Tasks ranged from transcribing lyrics from demos that were submitted to us, 每天早上整理我们的写作室, 为SMP纳什维尔的Spotify策划播放列表. 我在这个职位上工作了9个月, 和 in March of this year I took on the role of temporary Executive Assistant to the CEO. 这份工作让我可以和我们的首席执行官一对一地工作, 生锈的加斯顿, 处理他的旅行, 调度, 还有其他的. No two days are the same at Sony; one day you could find me at a number one party for one of our artists 和 the next you could find me running err和s for the office. I have gained a wealth of knowledge about the music industry through each of these opportunities, 我对他们感激不尽. 
职业理想: 目前,我很想留在音乐出版行业. Music publishing entails administering the publishing copyrights, 与词曲作者合作, 并将歌曲与艺术家一起发布. 我们在索尼合作的美工包括Luke Bryan, 多莉。帕顿, 布莱克谢尔顿, Kelsea Ballerini, 阳光威尔逊, 还有更多. 音乐出版是我非常热衷的事情, 因为没有词曲作者,这个行业就无法运转. 我很乐意继续在这个行业领域工作, championing our songwriters 和 being at the forefront of so much of the music you hear today!

对你影响最大的esball世博老师: 我一直很喜欢在esball世博上英语课. 对我影响最大的两位老师是 夫人. Kotty夫人. 加里纳利. I always remember that they both had such a passion for what they were teaching, 是什么导致了课堂教学的不同. 他们都对自己的学生很感兴趣, 他们做得怎么样, 她工作了一整年不仅是为了和我们建立联系, 但是要保持它. I am very grateful that I got to learn from these two amazing women.
Best Fenwick experience/the one you would like to live again: 一年中我最喜欢的时间之一就是精神周. Everybody coming together to support our school 和 having a great time doing so is such a fond memory. I also, of course, always looked forward to Banua every year!

对你影响最大的esball世博经历: 虽然我相信很多修士会这么说, 凯洛斯在esball世博 对我有非常积极的影响吗. 这次静修增强了我的同情心, as well as helped me to see the world through the eyes of others. I am grateful to have had this experience, 和 still carry it with me today!


毕业年份: 2020
家乡: 西泉,伊利诺伊州
小学: St. 十字架的约翰
大学: 圣母大学
主要: 金融

实习: Last summer, I interned as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at JFP Holdings in Beijing, China. While COVID-19 restrictions caused the internship to be virtual, I still had the chance to advise a crypto-based startup on geographic expansion 和 ended up meeting with the management team in New York City. 这个即将到来的夏天, 我将在GTCR的战略增长基金实习, a 芝加哥-based private equity firm w在这里 I will research potential investment opportunities within the middle-market space.

职业理想: Investing has been a passion of mine ever since I was a student at Fenwick, 和 Notre Dame has allowed me to pursue this passion through coursework, 股票球, 还有几个案例研究. I aspire to be an investor in either the public or private markets for a career. Hopefully, I can invest alongside my best friend 和 brother, 丹尼[18届]!

esball世博成就/活动: 学生会主席, 三年级班长, 全国荣誉学会, 演讲俱乐部比赛国家决赛, 足球, 大学橄榄球队队长, 写作场所导师

对你影响最大的esball世博老师: While many Fenwick teachers have profoundly impacted me over my four year experience, Mr. Arellano has played an instrumental role in my development as a leader 和 person. 通过我在演讲俱乐部的时间, we spent over an hour every day refining my presentation skills which has aided me in every facet of my life ever since. He is a true Fenwick man who put every ounce of his heart into teaching, 我会永远珍惜和他在一起的时光.

夫人. 埃斯波西托的 AP Physics class was definitely my biggest challenge at Fenwick, but it forced me to develop a never-ending motor which continues to benefit me to this day. Success in her class required deep critical thinking 和 a will to keep learning despite the difficult material. I will never forget sitting at my kitchen table 和 working on that infamous bridge project!

Best Fenwick experience/the one you would like to live again: 我很想体验一下2020届的毕业典礼, which was organized by parents 和 the student council during the COVID-19 p和emic. 我们筹到了大约35美元,并在全州体育馆举办一场现场毕业典礼, which allowed us to be together as a class for the first time since school got canceled in March. 这一经历证明了esball世博的网络, 和 is one of the reasons why I am so proud to be a Friar today!

对你影响最大的esball世博经历: 在我大四的秋天, I received permission to design 和 sell a “Fenwick Senior Sweatshirt.” Despite being given only one week to advertise the sweatshirt, 我卖掉了141辆,创造了我大四那年的有形记忆. It makes me proud to see my classmates continue to wear the sweatshirt to this day.
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